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Dyeing and printing facility is the heart of our whole process and we have setup created a independent dyeing facility having yarn, fabric and piece dyeing facility. Same facility also have from traditional screen printing to latest wider width high speed digital printing for both cotton and polyester.


We started with 7 people in 1965 for handloom weaving and slowly over past 5 decades we have added all kinds of looms from handlooms to stated of the art rapier jacquard and bobby looms.


From tufting traditional hand made carpets/area rugs to machine tufting for bath mats and other rugs. 


From traditional hand embroidery to latest state of art computerised embroidery machines are all done in our vertical units.

Cut & sew facility

With over 400 stitching machines in our 3 facilities, complete with complementing machinery like fusing, pillow filling, tucking etc.

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